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Superior quality organic cosmetics. All processes that have an impact GEODERM's product manufacturing are subject to a strict, integral quality and environmental control system. This starts with selection of our raw materials, which are finally converted into active substances that nourish the skin.

Geoderm selection criteria
  • Use of natural essential oils.
  • Not tested on animals, including raw ingredients.
  • No synthetic perfumes, fragrances or artificial colorants.
  • No petrochemical derivatives or synthetic products (paraffin, mineral oil, silicone, polymer plastics).
  • Natural emulsifiers, mostly glycosides.
  • Preservative systems similar to those found in nature (potassium sorbate, benzyl alcohol).
  • No synthetic preservatives (parabens, imidazolidinil urea, etc) responsible for numerous allergic reactions.
  • Strict product quality and process control.
Where are Geoderm organic products manufactured?

GEODERM products are manufactured in our own laboratory in Alicante (Spain) in accordance with the control and monitoring mechanisms required by law, including the European Cosmetics - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Guidelines, in facilities equipped with advanced technologies, a microbiological test lab and a quality control and R&D lab staffed by a specialised technical and scientific team. All this guarantees the result: really effective natural and organic cosmetics.

"The skin is our most sensitive organ…"

Organic company philosophy

The philosophy of an organic cosmetic company is our main objective, guaranteeing, from the origin of the raw materials to the end of the production process, that we meet all requirements to guarantee respect for the environment and consumers, obtaining the highest quality, 100% natural products, endorsing our work and efforts by obtaining the prestigious IONC-BDIH company Standard, Ecocert Cosmos and Acene certifications which guarantee that our products are 100% natural and organic through strict quality control.

Cosméticos naturales con ingredientes ecológicos. Cosmética Ecológica con Fórmulas exclusivas y materias primas naturales de origen ecológico. Alta Cosmética Natural, Ecológica y Certificada. Sin conservantes agresivos. Sin parabenes, fenoxietanol y ftalatos. La piel es el órgano más sensible...
Principles of Development

GEODERM products are developed and produced according to the following basic principles:

  • Active ingredients of natural original, primarily organic cultivation
  • Free of colorants, synthetic perfumes, synthetic preservatives (such as parabens and imidazolidinil urea).
  • They contain no oils, paraffin or synthetic petroleum or petrochemical derivatives (silicone, etoxyled raw materials, PEG).
  • They contain no substances or active ingredients obtained from dead animals.
  • Our products are not tested on animals.

Our goal is to develop organic products which really care for, pamper, beautify and nourish the skin without causing any harm, without adding synthetic products that can cause damage or irritation, with the sole aim of giving you beautiful, well-hydrated, glowing, perfectly healthy skin.

To achieve this we have a highly-qualified, multidisciplinary team which develops, formulates and evaluates our products. We have high-tech clean room environments. These clean room environments are designed to control and maintain minimum levels of contamination, control temperature, humidity and pressure. It is here that we manufacture our products in Clean Production processes that are kind to the environment. Our raw ingredients and the components of our products are controlled at all times, as are the manufacturing process, quality assurance, energy and environmental management.

Principles of an organic, natural brand

  • Natural ingredients
  • Eco products
  • Vegan products
  • National & international certifications

Where can I buy Geoderm brand organic products?

Geoderm organic products are available from specialist stores and centres.

To buy Geoderm products, contact the Geoderm Customer Services Departmentm.

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